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How to get the translation you want

We have drawn up this helpful checklist containing information you can give which will ensure that you get exactly the translation you need.

You don’t have to understand the processes behind translation, or even be interested in them, to get the best results from your translation provider. We have drawn up this helpful checklist containing information you can give which will ensure that you get exactly what you need without needing to worry.

Translation Services

Required information

Target language

Which language or languages do you need? It might seem obvious but sometimes clients in a hurry forget to give this crucial information. Remember to specify which variation of the language you want too. If you are unsure, just let us know what country or region you are targeting and we can advise. Two forms of the same language can be surprisingly different and having this information means that the final translation will be suitable for your intended market.

Word count

How many words does your file have? Of course, when you send us the file itself to work on, we can figure this out. However, if you are looking for a quote but the final file isn’t quite ready, an approximate word count should be enough for us to provide a rough quote for you. This saves you having to wait until the file is ready to get the ball rolling. It is also worth noting that word count is not just vital for calculating cost but the timeframe of a translation project as well.


When is the translation needed for? Help to reduce your costs by allowing as much time as possible. A small extension may reduce the cost as this could be the difference between needing to split the translation between multiple translators, and one being enough. You may not have a deadline in mind and just want your translation back as soon as possible. This is no problem as we can advise on the earliest delivery of your translation.

Helpful extras


Who is going to read the document? This could include information like age and background, or whether the reader is a specialist in the subject or just a member of the general public. All of these factors can affect the choice of style, tone and vocabulary which are vital for how the message should be delivered.


What are you trying to achieve with the translation? If it is to help sell a product for example, we can tailor the translation in a more persuasive style. The more you can tell us, the more we can make decisions along the way to help your translation succeed for whatever you want to use it for.

Specialist terminology

Does the text include specialist terms which you want us to use? Maybe you have a few terms you want to use to be consistent with previous translations. If you have any previous versions, or similar files, we can use these to make sure that you have consistency across all of your documents. Supplying us with previous translations can also save you money.

Special layouts/formats

Do you require the translation in a particular format or style? You may require a bi-lingual table including the English on one side and the translation on the other. We are able to work in and provide numerous file formats so just let us know what’s best. If you don’t advise a preference, we are likely to return the translation in the same format as the file we received from you.

Amendments and additions

Is the document likely to need any imminent changes? Or maybe there is a second file that is almost ready. If so, please advise as it may be better to wait for these to translate at the same time. We can always start on parts of the text while the rest is being finalised, but letting us know in advance can save cost and delays.


Are you planning to publish the translation? Maybe it is a brochure or a website for instance. Foreign language typesetting is something we do almost every day and we are aware of the nuances required to ensure that no cultural or linguistic errors are made. We will also get it checked by another linguist too just to make doubly certain before your brochure goes to print or your site goes live.


If you need any translations or help with any typesetting, please do get in touch. We would be happy to advise and even provide a quotation if you want us to.

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