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Subtitling & Voiceovers

We provide subtitling and voiceovers to make your multimedia more accessible to other markets. Deliver your message with a supporting translation or use the power of voice to express important information to your customers, wherever they may be.

Subtitles are created using a script or transcript which is then applied to a video so that the relevant words appear at the right time. Voiceovers work similarly but use the impact of voice rather than written words to convey your ideas. Both are great tools to add an extra dimension to your audio-visual material and to get your message across to wider audiences.

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Why us?

Subtitling is a specialist skill where space and timing have a crucial impact on the final result as the words must always support what is on the screen. For this reason, we use qualified ‘spotters’ and have a number of industry experts to choose from. For voiceover work, we use experienced voiceover artists as they understand when intonation and inflection are important to ensure that your message carries the weight it deserves.

For both services, appropriate software is required to handle issues such as ‘time-coding’. We have specific programmes at our disposal to make sure that everything goes as planned and to produce an accurate and seamless final file.

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Why use subtitling and voiceovers?

Subtitling and voiceovers are both great ways to help you communicate with people who would otherwise miss out on your products or services.

Most of the subtitling work we arrange is into a different language from the original but subtitles in the same language can be important for end users who are hard of hearing. We also produce voiceovers in English and other languages, even using specific regional accents to appeal to certain audiences or to set a particular tone for the desired effect.

“They always come up with the right solution and consistently demonstrate great flexibility in order to meet any last-minute requirements.”

Here are some sample voiceovers

Language Sample
Arabic (male) MP3 file
Chinese – Mandarin (male) MP3 file
Dutch (female) MP3 file
French (male) MP3 file
German (male) MP3 file
Italian (female) MP3 file
Polish (male) MP3 file
Russian (female) MP3 file
Spanish (female) MP3 file
Welsh (female) MP3 file

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